Our Pastor, Justin Pomije, is a 2016 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin. Before joining us in June of 2021, he served Hope Lutheran Church in Indian River, MI as well as Our Savior Lutheran Church in Gaylord, MI.

In 2015 Justin completed his Vicar year, a yearlong internship, serving Immanuel Lutheran Church in Salem, Oregon. During his years of study and preparation to become a pastor he also helped serve churches in Georgia, Colorado, Wyoming, Florida, and California.

Justin and his wife, Kari, met during his year in Oregon and got married in November of 2016. God has since blessed them with two wonderful kids, Michael and Eliana. They enjoy going on walks/hikes that are stroller friendly during the warmer months and spend time playing cards and board games or doing puzzles during the colder months.


1869-1870 Rev. Philipp Brenner

1870-1880 Rev. Gustav Denninger

1880-1893 Rev. Carl Gausewitz, Sr.

1893-1894 Rev. Herman Ebert*

1894-1896 Rev. John B. Bernthal

1896-1899 Rev. William Heidtke

1899-1904 Rev. Ottomar Hermstedt

1904-1906 Rev. Friederich Koch*

1906-1909 Rev. Hugo Koch

1909-1911 Rev. John Reuschel

1911-1912 Rev. Martin F. Plass (assisted by seminarians)

1912-1917 Rev. Edwin F. Grunwald

1918-1920 Rev. Hugo Koch

1920-1941 Rev. August Lossner

1941-1944 Rev. Gerhard Schmeling

1945-1947 Rev. Wilhelm Wiedenmeyer

1948-1955 Rev. Howard Russow

1955-1958 Rev. Henry A. W. Lange

1958-1961 Rev. John Denninger

1961-1978 Rev. Allen D. Capek

1978-1985 Rev. Gregory D. Stahlecker

1985-1992 A. Jeffrey Baas

1993-2014 Rev. David G. Peters

2014-2015 Rev. David Rockhoff*

2015-2020 Rev. Don Frelitz

2020-2021 Rev. David Wierschke*

2021-Present Rev. Justin A. Pomije